What Is A Live Performance Agreement

This means that the artist earns a guaranteed performance remuneration or a certain percentage of the show`s profit, whichever is greater. Below is language that illustrates how payment terms can be expressed. Date of the day Name and address of the place of engagement Date(s) of engagement Type of engagement (Here I specify what type of concert I do, for about how many people and the age group expected of the audience) Hours of engagement compensation The buyer will make the following payments: 100% due on the day of the performance or before, payable to (your name) Here is an example of language, which indicates the artist`s control over his live performance as well as a period for a «soundcheck». Thank you Dave, I`m just wondering if your contract has any contingencies as to how, if the power went out or the speakers didn`t work properly, you`re ultimately responsible for it (I know this probably doesn`t happen very often). I think the concerts I do are more «publicized» when you consider the ceremonies once in a lifetime. So maybe I feel more pressure to do everything «perfectly». and therefore my reluctance to promise more than I think I can deliver. I really like that the room has a few Mikes near us, it`s always so wonderful that our music can be heard in the back row of guests! Maybe I can find a happy middle class between costs and complications and take advantage of them! First of all, you need to get in touch with the person with whom you have made the agreement and see what can be elaborated politely. Commitment/Soundcheck – The Artist undertakes to appear and perform to the best of his or her ability and in accordance with the Artist`s usual standards as a professional musician at the times and places agreed with the Organizer in this Agreement. The Artist will have a reasonable period of time for a sound check and rehearsal instead of the Organizer on the day of the engagement, but no later than three (3) hours before the opening of the doors. The Artist has exclusive control over all aspects of its engagement with the Organizer, including the production, presentation and performance of the Artist`s performance, including but not limited to personnel, instrumentation and repertoire. How much must be paid for the service, when is it paid and how is it paid. Many chords, especially at the beginning, can be oral.

This is normal and is often part of the company. But keep as many communications as possible stored in emails. When you have a phone conversation with someone, send an email detailing what was discussed orally to keep a recording. You may want to include verbal agreements for your protection in your signed contract. Great advice Dave. I also encourage clients to reschedule their plan. If this is not possible, I ask them if they have other events (summer/autumn) for which they can book me. Today`s discussion focused on contracts and what to do in the event of cancellation. Should we still contact new perspectives for summer and fall bookings such as summer reading programs in libraries, summer camps, outdoor festivals? If the current health crisis does not improve, summer and autumn bookings could also go directly through the window. .