Vat On Option Agreements

We have made temporary changes to the time frame and how you can help businesses during coronavirus (COVID-19). The amendments apply to decisions made between February 15 and May 31, 2020. Your tax option does not apply if you provide parking space for a fixed caravan (no certificate is required). A residential caravan is a caravan where the stay is not prevented throughout the year by the federal government, building permit or similar authorization. For more information on caravan locations, please consult caravans and barges (VAT rating 701/20). «taxpayer,» any person who has used the possibility of taxation or who is considered a possibility of decision under a choice of real estate in accordance with paragraph 21 of Schedule 10 of the Act; and b) with respect to a tax option that, on the basis of a choice of real estate in accordance with Article 21 of Schedule 10 of the 1994 VAT Act, is dealt with by an entity treated as a member of a group in accordance with sections 43A to 43D of the act, with which it is not the person referred to in point a), the entity whose relevant interest authorizes the possibility of taxation. If your turnover falls below the registration threshold and you cancel your VAT registration, the tax option does not go out because you cancelled your VAT registration See section 12 for more information. The REE does not create a tax option for an acquisition if you made exempt deliveries of the property within 10 years of the acquisition date. If you have chosen a «comprehensive» tax option in the past, you can create an RESA if you wish.

This has an effect on your existing overall option: If you create an RESE, you will be treated as if you have made a tax option for each property in which you later purchase a stake. There are a few exceptions that are explained in paragraph 14.7. For revocation, the new options will be considered effective from the date the original option took effect. These options cannot be revoked as part of the 6-month «cooling» retraction. It is up to you to decide whether you decide to tax land or buildings. If you opt for a tax and you are not part of a VAT group or are planning to become one in the future, only deliveries you make in your interest in the land or building are affected. Your tax option has no influence on deliveries provided by others. If you sell z.B a specific building, the buyer has the choice of whether or not to opt for a tax. If your client is sublet, they have the same choice. For this reason, you must inform your tenant of your decision as soon as possible so that they can protect their right to recover VAT under a tax authorization if they wish.