Unsw Australia (Professional Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2015

Section 38.4 of the 2015 UNW (Professional Staff) Enterprise Contract states that the previous service is recognized as follows: The previous service at other Australian universities is recognized under the following conditions: Applications for recognition of the previous benefit must be submitted in writing and must be submitted to the human resources department as soon as possible after the start of a job with us. The objective of this policy is to determine whether previous service to other organizations and institutions is recognized by UNSW for the purpose of taking into account long-term leave. This directive applies only to professionals. The conditions of academic staff can be read in paragraph 32.4 of the 2011 Enterprise Agreement (Acad Staff). It should be noted that the conditions that determine whether services are recognized by the MSC can vary considerably from case to case and that staff should contact the human resources department for more information. Applications for recognition of previous service for long-term leave In certain circumstances, services with other institutions may be recognized for long-term leave. Previous services at foreign universities are not recognized for determining access to long-term leave, with the exception of services at universities in the South Pacific or Papua New Guinea, the Papua New Guinea Institute of Technology or a recognized university in New Zealand.