Shipt Independent Contractor Agreement

Smith says she feels like she`s really independent of Shipt. Smith indicated how to determine her own schedule, the orders she wants to accept. Absolutely! As an independent contractor, you have full control over your schedule. If you want to take a break, whether for a short or a long time, you can do it without any problem. This flexibility is one of the many advantages of working as a Shipt Shopper! As an independent contractor, you are responsible for the wear and tear of your car and home. You have a responsibility to pay more taxes than if you were employed full-time elsewhere, as companies often come to collect a portion of the taxes for you. That`s not to say you`re paying for your own insurance, which may not cover you if you fall into an accident, don`t have a business policy, or the insurance company discovers you`re renting your home to strangers. Shipt`s buyers are independent contractors and are paid per order. Orders are offered with an estimated payment based on the effort required to complete the order. Under national and federal labour law, self-employed contractors are not entitled to basic labour protection, such as current minimum wage standards, guaranteed sickness benefits, unemployment benefits or the possibility of joining a trade union. .

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