Abellio Franchise Agreement

The rail development lobby has responded across the country. In the south of Scotland, the Campaign for Borders Rail, which is working on a new cross-border line to England, said the franchise owner had been notified. Vice-President Marion Short said: «The high overcrowding in many parts of the network has angered passengers across Scotland and is highly felt across Scotland. Factors such as understaffing and late delivery of rolling stock have crippled the reliability of services. Scotland`s First Minister said earlier this year that Abellio was at the last chance, and that today her transport minister has finally called the time. However, Matheson said a so-called «break» clause would be used to end the franchise three years earlier, in 2022. «Since the franchise`s launch in 2015, Abellio has invested more than $475 million in new and modernized trains, created 23% more seats for its customers and created more than 500 additional jobs in Scotland, the largest investment in trains and stations in more than 150 years. Transport Minister Michael Matheson, who represented The ruling Scottish National Party, made no apology in his statement. «We are not convinced that the substantial increase in public subsidies, which would otherwise be necessary, would bring equal benefits for passengers, municipalities and businesses. I published a communication today to inform Abellio Scotrail of the decision. As a result, the current franchise agreement is expected to expire in March 2022.

The franchise system for the British railways has stopped. In Scotland, the SNP is putting pressure on trade unions, Labour and the Greens to put ScotRail`s operations in the hands of the public. If there is to be another franchise, the government has previously stated that it wants a public sector bidder. If there is to be one from April 2022, it is to be commissioned very soon. Just days after the introduction of a new roadmap and the opening of a new station in Glasgow, Abellio reached the end of the line in Scotland. The operator, which has managed almost all of Scotland`s network links at more than 350 stations since 1 April 2015, turned the signals red at this afternoon`s meeting at Holyrood in Edinburgh.