Unpaid Internship Agreement Sample

6.2. The copyright of the software developed by the trainee as part of the organization of the internship is transferred to the company without compensation and without restrictions. The copyright on the other creations produced by the intern during the internship is also the property of the company. Without restriction, the company has the right to modify the works transferred to the company and the company is fully authorized to transfer these rights to third parties. In addition, the company is not required to make use of these rights. It is agreed that the internship will not be paid. The intern will be reimbursed for all pre-approved internship costs, for example.B. travel expenses, etc. 4.1. The internship is linked to an educational purpose and is therefore not paid. This internship agreement (hereafter referred to as the «agreement») replaces all previous agreements regarding the intern`s employment and constitutes the complete agreement between the parties with regard to the terms of the internship. At-Will Agreement: Your internship in the company is «At-Will.» Therefore, this letter should not be construed or interpreted as guaranteeing a certain amount or type of compensation, the continuation of an internship or future employment.

Therefore, the recitation of certain periods in this letter serves exclusively to define this internship. You or the company can terminate this agreement at any time by providing a written notification (including by email) to the other party. Each time the agreement ceases, the copyright and confidentiality assignments section applies below for an indefinite period. 7.2. During the internship period, the internship may be terminated by the Company with a period of 7 days and by the trainee with a period of 1 day. 8.2. Any breach of the obligation of confidentiality and loyalty is considered a substantial violation of the terms of the internship and may therefore lead to the immediate termination of the internship (dismissal). 4.2. There is no guarantee or expectation that the internship activity will lead to a job at the company. They also recognize that (1) training in the field of study is similar and improves the teaching of studies in higher education institutions; (2) The internship is to your advantage to obtain training and tutoring, and to offer valuable experience in job selection, application and future performance in the field of study; 3. You agree to work in the company under the careful supervision of the tutors; 4. Unless otherwise stated, trainees are not entitled to employment at the end of the internship period; (5) You are not entitled to salaries or other allowances, except for your experience and apprenticeship, for time spent as an intern for the company; and (6) You agree that the internship does not create a «work relationship» within the meaning of the Fair Labor Standards Act («FLSA») or any other definition, and that the FLSA rules on minimum wage and overtime do not apply.

At the conclusion of this agreement, the parties agree that neither party can rely on previous statements that are not taken into account in this agreement. «Inventions» are discoveries, developments, concepts, designs, ideas, know-how, improvements, inventions, trade secrets and/or original works of intellectual property, whether patentable, copyrighted or protected by law. You understand that this includes all new products, machinery, manufacturing items, biological materials, processes, technical, technical, use, equipment, device, device, device, system, connection, formulation, material composition, design or configuration of any kind. You understand that «corporate inventions» refer to all inventions that you can write, discover, develop, design or reduce to practice, exclusively or collectively during the internship.