Branch Office Agreement

AND CONSIDERING that Mr. X has experience in the sale of consumer goods and office administration and that he offered his service for the position of director of the subsidiary agreed by the company. AND CONSIDERING that the company is interested in the appointment of a manager of the new branch, capable of looking after its commercial interests and promoting the sale of its products in the states of Maharashtra-Gujarat; The first and most obvious point is that it is not possible for there to be a legally binding intercompany agreement (ICA) with a single party and that, therefore, the risks cannot be contractually attributed. However, it is generally useful to document the relationship between the «parent» and his ORE and the risk distribution envisaged. As a general rule, a group`s transfer pricing guidelines do not contain the required level of detail. 2.M. X will devote all his time, expertise and attention to the company. It will also promote the sale of the company`s products in areas covered by the industry, advertising at its sole discretion in different modes. 5.M. X will take care of the company`s interests in the territories covered by the branch and, if it learns of the misuse of the company`s patent and trademark products or any development that may be necessary for the company to operate, it will immediately inform the company. You should make sure that you read these conditions carefully and contact us if there are any questions before using the site. You can contact us at the or call us on 03 6332 9300 if you have any questions.

7. The company may terminate Mr. X before the expiry of the term of this contract with a termination of three months or a salary of three months instead of that agreement, without giving a reason, and A has no right against the company in the event of an early termination of service. This question came up last week during a transfer pricing project (thanks to AH and NA for the increase!). The question was how to document the relationship between the «parent company» and its own institution (PE) – and in particular the use of a memorandum in relation to a document in the style of an agreement.